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Our main attention in the developing process is to ensure safety.
There are very different circumstances at a pool´s environment than in a climbing gym. Therefore we evaluated together with a certification office (TÜV) video-analysis:
Having regard to safety, a WATERCLIMBING-unit is a mixture of a diving platform and a climbing wall. Two aspects are particularly important:
1) To eliminate the risk of collision and to guarantee a maximum of safety the minimal distance between coinstantaneous used climbing routes has to be more than 5 meters. This is much more than in a climbing gym, where a rope is to be used for climbing.
2) As at diving platforms, the climbing surface have to have a frontal safety distance back to the pool wall.
The results of this safety-analysis were consequently taken over in the developing process and caused a bunch of characteristic constructive features.

1   WATERCLIMBING-walls are high and narrow.
Because a climbing wall with more width could be climbed safely also by just one climber at a time. This wider wall would need unnecessary much space of the pool as a safety area.
If several coinstantaneous used climbing routes are to be planned, there will be simply installed several WATERCLIMBING- walls. Each one with its own safety area.
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2   Frontal safety distance of the climbing face to the pool edge.
This distance increases the distance to the pool edge, when the climber is dipping into the water.
3   Edge protector of the climbing face.
4   Constructive protector against climbing the backside.
5   The units do not take up any installation space outside of the pool.
So they do not encroach upon emergency exits or supply channels.
No barriers or stumbling blocks will be generated by the load-bearing structure.
6   Consistently intersection
7   Under water footsteps facilitate the first movements out of the water.
8   Vertical Safety distance to the water surface.