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Climbing walls made for water parks
WATERCLIMBING-units have been designed especially for the high structural, architectural and safety requirements of water parks.
The load-bearing structure is made in a highly aestetic stainless steel framework construction (V4A, optional powder coating). Long-lasting and durable materials are chosen to guarantie a maximum of performance.
The transparent climbing faces (milky is also available) can even be positioned indoors in front of window areas without any daylight being lost.
More height means more fun!
With every meter of climbing height the adrenaline-level and therefore the sporting challenge and the fun-factor are increasing overproportionally. This is the reason, why WATERCLIMBING-walls have overall heights from 5m to 7m. This corresponds to heights of fall from 3m to 5m. It is the only way to ensure original climbing-feeling and long term attractivity.
We always recommend the highest possible climbing-wall matching your pool depth.
Certified construction
WATERCLIMBING-units are made in Germany. They fullfill all relevant DIN / EN-standards and they are certified by the TÜV (technical inspection office).
Easy installation for all types of pools
WATERCLIMBING-walls can be mounted to the edge of indoor and outdoor swimming and diving pools. Retrofitting is possible for all existing pools, no matter what their type (concrete, tiled concrete, stainless steel, foil).
Minimum of space is needed
WATERCLIMBING-walls do not take up any space outside of the pool. So they do not encroach upon emergency exits or supply channels. No barriers or stumbling blocks will be generated. Maintenance of the overflow channel is not compromised (DIN 19643).
Patented technologies
WATERCLIMBING-units are protected by several international patents and trademarks.
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