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Integration into diving pools:
Below there are some samples of 5m, 6m, and 7m WATERCLIMBING-units integrated into existing diving-pools. The minimal distances to the pool edge at the level of water surface is marked in different white colours belonging to the various heights of the units. If there are several WATERCLIMBING-walls to be installed in one pool, the distance may overlap by 2 meter.
In many cases, WATERCLIMBING can be integrated into existing diving pools such, that parts of the diving platform and individual WATERCLIMBING-walls can be used at the same time.
The safety measurements and all detail information for planning and installation are described in our planning-folder. We will be happy to provide it to you via e-mail.
Planning folder (Saftey distances, anchor configurations etc.) 
Pool 8,2m x 12,5m, 3m-diving platform, schematic layout:
Sicherheitsabstände-WACL-8,2x12,5-3.jpg  Sicherheitsabstände-WACL-8,2x12,5-1.jpg
Pool 10,6m x 12,5m, 5m-diving platform, schematic layout:
Sicherheitsabstände-WACL-10,6x12,5-1.jpg  Sicherheitsabstände-WACL-10,6x12,5-4.jpg
Pool 18,35m x 15m, 10m-diving platform, schematic layout:
Sicherheitsabstände-WACL-18,35x15-1.jpg  Sicherheitsabstände-WACL-18,35x15-2.jpg
Pool 22,4m x 15,5m, 10m-diving platform, schematic layout:
Sicherheitsabstände-WACL-22,4x15,5-9.jpg  Sicherheitsabstände-WACL-22,4x15,5-6.jpg