Climbing walls for water parks    acc. to DIN EN 17164, BFU, TÜV                                                deutsch    english

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WATERCLIMBING Wand Pylon Bergneustadt Regen

Sophisticated Design
WATERCLIMBING-units have been designed by the Industrial-Design-Bureau born product ideas especially for the high requirements of water parks´ architecture. Their sophisticated design was distinguished at the Steel-Innovation Prize 2009.
A WATERCLIMBING-wall is not only an innovative and thrilling sports utility but also a puristic sculpture.
Even the backside of a WATERCLIMBING-unit is a particular eye-catcher. Thanks to its transparent climbing face, it allows interesting and unknown views to the climber. This transparancy also facilitates monitoring.
Thus WATERCLIMBING-walls are a visual, architectural and functional benefit to every water park.