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Increased target group - Improved efficiency
WATERCLIMBING units broaden a pool's target group and significantly improve the utilisation of diving pools.
They combine the trend-sport climbing with the world of water parks in a perfect way. The average frequency of use is much higher than someone initially might think. It is 75 persons per hour per wall.
Thus, with a relatively low investment, an enormous additional economic benefit is generated.
Low running costs
The running costs are extremely low. Compared to
water slides, no electricity for pumps is needed and no
energy is lost through the heat exchange effect.
Perfect usability for competitions and events
WATERCLIMBING-walls are suited perfect to arrange competitions and events. This way the pool operator obtains once more a good possibility to increase turnover.
Variable climbing routes ensure that the increased appeal for visitors will endure.
Volker Lotsch, Managing Director, Nautimo, Wilhemshaven:
" ... The Visitors are enthusiastic about the wall. Also the local mountaineering association, which has been invited to do the first ascent, was thrilled. For us the WATERCLIMBING-wall is a unique selling proposition in the hole area, which increases sustainable the quality and the period of visits."